Page 3 - 6 July - Final
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                              We've finally arrived! We have settled into the
                              vicarage and the children have settled into their
                              new schools. It was truly moving to discover how
                              nicely the vicarage was prepared for us and we are
                              deeply grateful. We’ve had a job on our hands
                               unpacking to set up home and office but the most
                               important preparation is building relationships.
                               We need to make sure that we've been talking to
       each other and growing in our understanding of each other as a family and
       we need to get to know our new church family and school communities.

       Before anything else, I need to come clean about the truths and lies game
       I was playing in the previous two issues. It is true that there has already
       been a service of memorial held in my honour. It was after some confusion
       led to several family members believing I was deceased. It was actually the
       family dog that had died but my poor grandfather’s hearing led to the
       confusion. I do not eat kippers, ever, I really don’t like them. And it really is
       the plan to install a pool in the vicarage lounge, but only a birthing pool, as
       we are expecting our fourth child in November.

      Camilla and I got engaged in the orchard at the Holy Cross Convent School
      in Chalfont St Peter on the 23rd October 2005 which was a beautiful
      evening and, just after she said ‘yes’, we said a little prayer that was
      answered with the most gloriously big and blue
      shooting star we’ve ever seen. I have no trouble
      telling my left from my right. Which leaves the
      truth being that I’m pretty good at Morse code
      and have already joined the local ham radio

      It is a great joy to me that we can get to know
      each other face to face now as I’m very glad to
      be here and begin my new role! It has also been a great joy to discover how
      many people have already been praying for us, even before knowing who
      we would be, because prayer must be at the heart of everything we do
      together as a church.

      It is also a time for growing in our relationship with God. We have discerned
      together with the representatives of the parish, the diocese and our patron,
      St John's College Oxford, that God has called us to mission here in
      Chalfont St Peter. It's a step of trust we are all taking in our heavenly Father
      and his love for us in Christ Jesus, so my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will
      renew us all, in our love for God and for one another as we begin this
      journey together. I invite you to join me in praying Psalm 63.

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