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                           Life is full of changes – through the media we learn
                           of the constantly changing scene internationally; in
                           our own nation there are the changes which will follow
                           the General Election and ‘Brexit’. Changes are taking
                           place in our village with the building of so many new
                           houses – and from time to time we all experience
                           changes in our personal and family lives.

                           In the Parish of Chalfont St Peter we are looking
      forward to the Installation of our new Vicar, The Reverend John Goodman,
      and as we prepare to welcome him we are mindful of the exciting changes
      facing him and his family as they settle into the Vicarage and get to know
      us all.

      This month we mark the changing seasons as spring merges into summer
      and we are able to get out and about and (hopefully!) enjoy the sunshine
      and the beauties of nature which surround us.

      For hundreds of years the seasons have been marked by the great
      Christian festivals of Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Christ,
      and Easter, when we give thanks for the new life and hope which he has
      brought us through his death and resurrection. We also celebrate the lives
      of the Saints – in the autumn our Parish holds a special service for All
      Saints Day in our very own All Saints’ Church.

      The flags are already out in the village in preparation for the festivities
      which will take place on the common as we celebrate the Feast Day of
      St Peter, after whom our Parish Church was named and from which the
      village also takes its name. This wonderful annual event brings together
      all our local churches, members and organisations in the community, and
      various charities in a spirit of friendship. This year the theme of our parish
      marquee will be that of St Peter himself, who was an ordinary fisherman
      with an impetuous nature, who became a friend and disciple of Jesus and
      was called by him to become the rock on which the Church was founded.

      One of the most enjoyable events in our regular parish life is our monthly
      get-together which we call Tea & Hymns, because it is exactly that!
      It is open to everyone, whether a churchgoer or not, who enjoys a good
      cup of tea, delicious home-made cake and the chance to sing all our
      favourite hymns.

      Through them we can praise God for ‘All things bright and beautiful’, for
      his greatness: ‘My God, how wonderful thou art’, for his everlasting
      faithfulness: ‘Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father’, our need of his
      help: ‘Guide me, O though great Redeemer’, and from Christmas Carols
      to Easter Alleluias the life and blessings of Jesus our Saviour.

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