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It has been said that hymns are prayers set to music and with the wealth of
     words and music which has been handed down to us we are reminded that
     throughout what the Prayer Book calls ‘the changes and chances of this
     transitory life’ there remains our one constant and unchanging God to who
     we can always turn:

                   Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided,
                   urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
                   sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided:
                   Lord of the years, we bring our thanks today.

     NB Coincidentally, there is an article about the writer of the above-mentioned
     hymn, The Reverend Timothy Dudley-Smith, on pages 26-7.


                                A lot has happened since I last wrote to you.
                                Work is progressing nicely on the Vicarage – for
                                which we are hugely grateful. We have school
                                places for the children. We are pleased to
                                announce that we are expecting another member
                                of our family early in November – God is so good!

                                I spent a wonderful couple of days with Luke
                                Amy-Jane, Sandra and Ben along with many
                                others at the HTB Leadership Conference in

                               There were some world-class speakers offering
     insight, wisdom and challenge. It was great to spend time together and I’m all
     the more excited about things to come.

     We will be moving to Chalfont St Peter on the 31st May and setting up home.
     After which, I will be taking some retreat time and preparing for my new role
     before I begin on 5th July. In the following weeks and months I will look
     forward to discovering the parish and getting to know you all.

     Now, returning to our bit of fun, I’d like to continue our ‘getting to know you’
     game by telling you three more little stories and leaving you to guess which
     is the fabrication this time! The first is that I met Camilla and got engaged in
     Chalfont St Peter. The second is that I have a hard time telling my left from
     my right. The third is that I’m pretty good at Morse code.

     Once again, thank you for your prayers, they are much needed!
     Blessings in Christ,
                                                               John Goodman

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