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handing out over 6,000 gospels produced to commemorate the start of the
First World War, etc.
Some of the highlights of my curacy have included the following. Presiding
at the Lord’s table for the first time. Starting the 9.31 Contemporary Service.
Launching the Men's Group. Spending time in retreat. The events around
the centenary of World War One. Praying Morning Prayer each morning in
All Saints’ (sometimes accompanied by others). Working on the Mission
Action Plan for the Parish and the Deanery. Starting and chairing the
Mission Committee. Having the opportunity to chair the PCC through the
vacancy. Conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals. Seeing (perhaps for
the only time in my ministry) the amount of work that goes into recruiting a
new vicar. Leading the Staff and Clergy team. Preaching week by week.
My regrets over my curacy are spending too much time doing admin and
not enough time visiting people. Not spending enough time reading God's
word and reflecting on it (whilst I have read the Bible through twice in the
time I've been here, I never really got into deeper theological study). I regret
that whilst starting the audio-visual project at St Peter's Church, I wasn't to
be the one who would switch it on for the first time!
My curacy has been full of exciting challenges and fantastic opportunities
and I’m deeply indebted to Charles, Jim and Wendy for the important
training, prayer, consideration, wise counsel and love which they have
poured generously into my time here. I believe I am indebted to every
member of a congregation who have sat and watched me make mistakes
(some more serious than others!), yet still encourage and support me in my
ministry and equip me for the next challenge which God has in store for me.
Thank you for having us. We have all immensely enjoyed our time in
Chalfont St. Peter. Thank you for caring for us with the love and affection
that we received (from day one). Thank you for your encouragement for my
ministry; when times have been hard there has always been encouraging

                                      words of affirmation. Thank you for giving me
                                      the opportunity to try new things as well as
                                      handing over important events into my care.
                                      As I move to St James Church, Gerrards Cross
                                      with St James Church, Fulmer, I do so with a
                                      thankful heart and joyful expectation of all that
                                      the Lord has got in store for me next. I will
                                      doubtless keep in contact with many of you
                                      through bumping into each other in and around
                                      the Chalfont St Peter and Gerrards Cross area,
                                      and for the rest of my ministry will reminisce
                                      fondly on my time in the parish.

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