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        ON GOOD FRIDAY, 14th APRIL

 As we head toward Easter, we are excited to find new ways to share the
   Good News about Jesus in the Parish. In addition to our usual service

marking the Last Hour of the Cross, and the ecumenical Walk of Witness,
   we are hosting two special Good Friday events especially for families.
         After the success of last year’s event we are holding another

            Good Friday Activity Trail

   with a fresh take on the Stations of the Cross. Beginning in the Parish
   Church Hall, families will receive a map to guide them around the trail

      and will be able to participate in games, crafts and other activities
   which will tell the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross. Last year’s trail
   was incredibly popular, with nearly 200 people coming through, and it
    is the perfect event to bring your children or grandchildren to as well
 as inviting your neighbours and friends. The trail will go from the hall into

             the Parish Church and then out across the churchyard.
     Entry is free and doors will be open from 10.00am until 11.30am.

        The event is self-guided so don’t worry about being a bit late.
                        Our new event for the afternoon is an

           Easter-themed family film

   in the Parish Church Hall; doors open 2.00pm and the film starts at
      2.30pm. The film, set in a snowy wonderland, is an international

    blockbuster which tackles key Easter themes of forgiveness and the
      victory of life over death. It is a PG rated film which is based on a

  much-loved children’s story by a famous Christian author. Entry is free
and there will be snacks and refreshments available to buy. Bring blankets

  and cushions to make yourselves comfortable and maybe a fur coat to
               keep you warm until the winter gives way to spring!

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