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     The following is the text of a letter sent on 28th April by
     Sheila King, the Chair of Governors, to the parents of pupils
     at our Academy.

     It is with sadness that I am writing, on behalf of the Governors, to let you
     know that Mrs Underwood has informed us that she plans to relinquish her
     post as Headteacher at the end of the Summer Term 2017. Mrs Underwood
     and her family have decided it is time to start a new chapter in their lives and
     will be moving away from the area.

     Mrs Underwood has had a distinguished teaching career in the school
     spanning 28 years, as class teacher, Deputy Headteacher and, in the last
     three years, as our inspirational Headteacher. She, and her husband John,
     who was Headteacher before her, will be greatly missed. The Underwoods
     have made our Academy a truly outstanding school with the highest
     academic, sporting, social, cultural and Christian standards. Hundreds of
     pupils will look back with affection and gratitude for the foundations they
     have received at the school under their care.

     The Governors have already begun the planning process to secure an
     exceptional Headteacher to succeed Mrs Underwood. The outstanding
     nature of the school, with its strong staff team, committed parental support,
     experienced Governors, Church and Diocesan engagement and supportive
     community make this an attractive post for strong applicants. We will keep
     you informed as our recruitment process progresses. Mrs Underwood will be
     writing to you in due course. Nearer the date we will also inform you of plans
     to say a suitable farewell to her.

     Meanwhile it is business as usual at the school. Mrs Underwood, the Senior
     Leadership team and staff will continue to work tirelessly for the benefit of
     your children. The Governors will continue to give them unstinting support.


       A little boy was saying his go-to-bed prayers
       in a very low voice.

       “I can’t hear you, dear,” his mother said.

       “I wasn’t talking to you!” said her son firmly.

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