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                        The past few years have seen a number of changes in
                        the parish, and it is exciting to hear about your journey
                        together and how God has been moving in your midst.
                        I am arriving with Camilla my wife, and our three children,
                        Miriam who is 8, Samuel who is 6 and Chiara who is 2.
                        We also have Caleb our Miniature Schnauzer. When we
                        visited last month we felt warmly welcomed, had a
                        wonderful time and felt very blessed, so we are very much
                        looking forward to my licensing service at 7.30pm on
                        Wednesday 5th July, which is when I will officially begin my
new role in the parish. Sunday 9th July will be my first Sunday with you. I do
hope you can make it to the licensing service which I know will be a special
day, and no doubt we can have a good party.

We will be moving into the parish early in June with a view to getting the
children settled into school and setting up home. I will be taking retreat time
during this period but will keep in touch about essential matters. In the weeks
and months following, I will look forward to getting to know you all,
discovering the parish and settling into my new role.

Now just for a bit of fun I’d like to indulge in a popular ‘getting to know you’
game by telling you three little stories and leaving you to guess which one
might be a fabrication! The first is that there has already been a service of
memorial held in my honour after some confusion led to a number of family
members believing I was deceased. The second is that I eat kippers every
day for breakfast. The third is that I am installing a pool in the vicarage

On a more serious note, I’m gratified to know that you’ve been praying for
my family and me and I’d be very grateful if you would continue to keep us in
your prayers: for the children’s transition to new schools and a new nursery,
for all the things that need to happen between now and then to go smoothly
and for God’s grace and blessing on us.

Blessings in Christ,       John Goodman

Young Adam proudly told his father, ‘I’ve finally figured
out what the Bible means!’
His father smiled and asked, ‘What, then?’
Adam said, ‘It stands for “Basic Information Before Leaving Earth”.’

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