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Hilary Jelly, who has rung our bells for many years and has been Tower
Captain for 20 years, has decided to stand down from this position. On
behalf of the church, village and bellringers we would like to take this
opportunity to thank Hilary (and Tony, her husband, who has supported
her throughout) for all her years of service and dedication.
Steve Ridlington-White, Assistant Steeple Keeper, will now take over from
Hilary as Tower Captain while continuing with his Assistant Steeple Keeper
duties. Steve has lived in Chalfont St Peter for ten years with his wife and
daughter and has been a bell ringer for nine of those years. He has assisted
Gerald Diss with the Steeple Keeping work for eight years, having attended
a Church Bell Handling training course to try to reduce the gap of the many
years of experience that Gerry has!
Steve thanks the ringers for their approval of his appointment as Tower
Captain and the church team for their endorsement. We, in turn, welcome
Steve as he takes on this role and wish him well.


Sybil Collins has been a member of St Peter’s Church since she and Peter
were married and moved to the village in 1950.
Soon after settling in, she took on the organisation of the Sunday School
and numbers rose to 200–300 children of all ages. As the children grew
older, Sybil ran discussion groups for teenagers. Many youngsters have
benefited from Sybil’s influence and Christian teaching.
After 24 years, having given her all to the children of the village, Sybil
passed the Sunday School mantle over to Averil Murray, wife of the then
vicar, David Murray. Subsequently, Sybil joined the Parish Church Choir.
She had already been choir mistress for the boys’ choir, later joined by the
In 1974, she took over the running of the adult choir as well. Sybil felt that
the singing should be part of Church Worship. The choir wasn’t, and to this
day isn’t, a choir of chosen voices, rather church members wanting to
enhance worship. To this end, Sybil spent many hours choosing suitable

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