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People say so often that on entering the school, they can feel such a special
      atmosphere – this is the Christian ethos of the school. It flows through every
      corridor, into every classroom, office and playground, but for us in school
      every day, we become desensitised, we just expect it to be there. Much like
      spraying your perfume or aftershave each morning, by the time you get to
      work, you can’t smell it anymore, but it hasn’t gone, your nose just stops
      telling your brain to smell it, but people you meet can. So I often encourage
      our Year 6 children to “feel the ethos”, be alert to looking out for the random
      acts of kindness and the friendship of the CSPA family. Sometimes we all
      need a top-up of our perfume, just a little extra spray helps to make us feel
      fresh and rejuvenated.

      Having used this analogy for many a year, I discover there is an interesting
      verse in 2 Corinthians chapter 2 v14 that reads:

            I am grateful that God always makes it possible for Christ to lead us to victory.
                God also helps us spread the knowledge about Christ  everywhere,
                      and this knowledge is like the smell of perfume. (CEV))

      I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to rise to the challenges
      of Headship at Chalfont St Peter CE Academy, a dream 28 years ago that
      became a reality. How many people are actually lucky enough to live out
      their dreams? I have worked with so many wonderful staff, governors and
      parents over the years on countless projects, action plans, events and
      programmes, each playing a part in developing and shaping the school.
      But there is nothing like the look on a child’s face or the sound of children’s
      voices singing to make one’s heart wrench painfully at the prospect of
      moving away.

      John has always been my rock, and I his; so together we are strong and will
      venture with our grown-up children into pastures-new, with fresh challenges
      unknown before us. CSPA will never be far from our minds, nor would we
      want it to be. We’ll just keep spraying that perfume.

      God bless.                                          Elizabeth Underwood

                            Thank you, Liz, for the 28 years of commitment you
                            have given to our school, but especially for these last
                            few years when you have led us all on a mission to
                            provide a caring Christian environment for all our
                            pupils where they may develop to their full potential
                            both academically and spiritually.

                           For those of us who have been privileged to participate
      in some modest way during this time, we count it as an honour to have been
      able to share your love of the school community and its pupils.

      And do not forget that I am sure our magazine readers will welcome news of
      the great Underwood adventure about to unfold in Devon.

                                                                          Tim Mears
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