Page 6 - 5 June
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      Prayers were answered as, despite the gloomy forecast, the rain held off
      and the sun came out at lunchtime on Sunday 14th May. In a welcome
      return visit after three years since their last performance at All Saints’,
      James Hague and “Cry Havoc” danced and entertained sixty onlookers
      with gusto and humour. The well-known Morris side from Oxfordshire
      owes its name to the military command “Havoc!” which was used in the
      Middle Ages to direct the soldiery – in Shakespeare's parlance 'the dogs of
      war'– to pillage and create lots of chaos. Happily for the local community,
      there the connection ended and we all enjoyed a civilised afternoon of
      dance, a bit of folk history and an excellent barbeque prepared skilfully as
      ever by the Hatton family and ably assisted by Paddy Hague, Elizabeth
      Thompson and Clair McCoy.

      As last time, a range of real ales and ciders featured prominently and may
      have encouraged the unwary to be enticed into some energetic dancing.
      Appropriately enough, the Rebellion summer ale sported the name
      “Zebedee”! Stationed close by the font, honorary barmen Simon James
      and Nick Thompson expertly poured the pints. They were of course
      helping to christen the brand-new replacement floor tiles. This project,
      part-funded by The Friends of All Saints and put into effect by Bob Older
      and Meriel Garnham, had been completed only days before. The excellent
      workmanship was noted by the many who imbibed – while carefully
      avoiding any spillage.

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