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      On Saturday 27th May people from
      all across the Parish gathered in the
      Parish Church Hall for a special
      Thank You Tea Party for Sybil
      Collins in acknowledgement of all
      the work she has done for the
      Church over the years in so many

      Shortly after 3.00pm the guest of
      honour arrived, and was greeted
      with the applause she so richly
      deserves. Some old friends who
      had moved out of the Parish had
      made the journey to greet her, and
      a lovely tea was enjoyed, with Sybil
      cutting the ‘Thank You’ cake.
      We were able to give her a
      beautiful basket of flowers and a
      presentation as a token of our

      The Reverend Lucy Winkett sent a
      lovely card with the following message:

         Dear Mrs Collins, Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate the colossal
         amount of energy, dedication and love that you gave to us who grew
         up singing in your choir. The truth is it takes an amazing and unusual
         commitment to keep leading rehearsals week after week, month after
         month, year after year in order that Sundays and Festivals were joyful
         and enjoyable for everyone. I, and so many other generations, owe you
         an amazing debt. You are patient, kind, gentle, and full of perseverance.
         These, I have learned, are gifts of the Spirit. You have an irreplaceable
         and unique place not only in my life, but in the life of St. Peter’s Parish.
         Thank you.

      Sybil writes:

         Dear Friends, I am absolutely overwhelmed by everyone’s friendship,
         kindness and generosity shown to me in the wonderful party and the gift
         of a very large cheque on Saturday 27th May. Thank you all very, very
         much. I am really pleased that my efforts with the Choir, Sunday School,
         Prayer Group and other work for the Church has been of use. I have
         enjoyed every minute of it and am glad that new leaders have come
         forward to continue what I started so many years ago. Thank you once

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