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The 9.31 service is an informal, contemporary worship service in St. Peter’s Church. The service is designed to appeal to people of all ages who enjoy a relaxed and relevant style of worship.

Everyone is welcome, including the youngest children. The first 15 minutes are child focused so that all the family can worship together. After the first 15 minutes, children and young people go to age appropriate groups for fun activities and re-join families for refreshments in the hall at 10.30am. Many families begin together in the 9.31 before leaving for Foundation, which is focused on pre-school and key stage 1 children.

Adults remaining in church experience more adult focused worship and relevant, in-depth, systematic teaching which deals with the day to day issues we all face. If you want a taste of these life changing talks, please click on the link below to listen to recent sermons.

Ben Topham has overall responsibility for this service assisted by Jim King, Steve Clark and others. If you have any questions about the 9.31, please contact the church office, or Ben Topham directly by clicking

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